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Monday, January 25

13:45 EST

15:00 EST

(On-demand session released) Accessible Transition: From the Classroom to Boardroom – 45 minutesMichelle Buckland • Shakira Rouse (On-demand session released) Career Moves: Developing Skills in Mature Workers Remotely – 45 minutesAlison Reaves • Megan Stannard (On-demand session released) Career Recovery: Creating Careers with Hope – 45 minutesAndrea Fruhling • Norman Amundson • Spencer Niles (On-demand session released) ChatterHigh Adds Mental Health & Wellness Modules to Career Exploration Platform - 45 minutesLee Taal (On-demand session released) Demystifying the Numbers: Learning to Navigate LMI Data – 45 minutesTony Bonen (On-demand Session Released) Everybody, Anybody and Nobody: Who Delivers Employability Skills? – 45 minutesJeff Landine • Adina Lipsett (On-demand session released) From Fear to Future: Create Positive Work Visions – 45 minutesSarah-Jane VandenBerg (On-demand session released) Future of Work: Positively Impacting Career Development Programming - 45 minutesHan Tran (Moderator) • Ginger Grant • Jeremy Staples • Ajai Datta (On-demand session released) Green Jobs in Green Spaces – 45 minutesTara Topping • Maria Chiarella (On-demand session released) Hindsight is 2020: Youth Transition in Uncertain Times – 45 minutesTony Botelho • Erin Thrift • Michael Ford (On-demand session released) How to Engage in Ethical Advocacy – 45 minutesAndrew Bassingthwaighte (On-demand session released) Integrating Career Development in the Early Grades – 45 minutesEd Hidalgo • David Miyashiro (On-demand session released) Mastering Video: Give Yourself More Time for Clients – 45 minutesAna Lokotkova • Maureen McCann (On-demand session released) Navigating Youth Employment Using a HUB Model – 45 minutesCaryn Birch • Kerby Reimer (On-demand session released) Opening the Path for Indigenous People with Disabilities – 45 minutesShannahn McInnis • Rose-Anne Gosselin (On-demand session released) Pathway to the Future: Career Exploration for Youth – 45 minutesAllison Kirkland (On-demand session released) Recognizing and Communicating Skills: Micro-credentials, Training & Technology – 45 minutesJake Hirsch-Allen (On-demand session released) The Evidence That Tells Our Story – 45 minutesLynne Bezanson (Moderator) • Deirdre Pickerell • Sareena Hopkins (Séance sur demande diffusées) Renforcer l'engagement et la mobilisation des employeurs – 45 minutesAissatou Sonko
Wednesday, January 27

14:00 EST

(On-demand session released) A Self-Care Planning Tool for Career Professionals – 45 minutesJennifer Gaudette (On-demand session released) Aboriginal Peoples Employment Program: A Pathway to Reconciliation – 45 minutesRodney Hester (On-demand session released) Actua’s Instructors: Post-secondary Work Integrated Learning – 45 minutesTracy Ross (On-demand session released) Are Students Foreseeing the Future or Enabling It? – 45 minutesHoda Kilani (On-demand session released) Assessing the Effectiveness of a Career Development Program – 45 minutesLisa Higashi • Natalia Soloshchenko (On-demand session released) Blurred Boundaries: Work-life Wellness Strategies for Remote Workers – 45 minutesLaura Hambley • Rebecca Como (On-demand session released) Creative Entrepreneurship for Newcomer Women – 45 minutesReem Ali (On-demand session released) Engaged Stakeholders Key to Creating Institutional Competency Framework – 45 minutesNicole Miller • Geneviève Gauthier • Olivia Faucher-Tatu (On-demand session released) Guided Pathways: Integrating Essential Skills into Practice – 45 minutesMaureen Souply (On-demand session released) Helping Students Thrive Beyond School – 45 minutesJay Gosselin (On-demand session released) How to Create a Completely Inclusive Workplace Culture – 45 minutesKelly Bron Johnson (On-demand session released) Publishing Your Work & Research in 2021 – 45 minutesRoberta Borgen (Neault) • Diana Boyd (Moderator) • Candy Ho • Michael Stebleton • Habib Ullah (On-demand session released) Recognizing Purposeful Career Development with Gap Year Certifications – 45 minutesColin Lalonde • Michelle Ditmer (On-demand session released) Skills and Leadership Development: Opportunities for Indigenous Youth – 45 minutesTanya Tulus • Michele Young-Crook (On-demand session released) Strategies for Job Search for Underemployed Individuals – 45 minutesEvelyn Klassen (On-demand session released) Thriving in Remote Work and Remote Job Search – 45 minutesLara Marchionni Jones (On-demand session released) Virtual Jobcycles: Encouraging Millennial Leadership in Online Workspaces – 45 minutesAli Breen (On-demand session released) Working in a Diverse World: How to Develop Cultural Diplomacy for Success – 45 minutesRodney Nelson (Séance sur demande diffusées) La pratique numérique : Adapter, adopter et partager – 45 minutesAnnik De Celles
Monday, February 1

13:45 EST

(On-demand session released) Advancing Older Workers: Career Engagement and Adaptability – 45 minutesJennifer Luke (On-demand session released) Career Development and the Public Sector – 45 minutesLisa Taylor • Taryn Blanchard (On-demand session released) Digitalization of Service Delivery: Approaches, Strategies and Challenges – 45 minutesManjeet Dhiman • Ada Wong (On-demand session released) Diversity and Inclusion Through Intersectonality and Universal Design – 45 minutesKayley Marsh • Amanda Dorter (On-demand session released) Feeding the Spirit: Indigenous Women, Career and Mental Health – 45 minutesKathy Offet-Gartner (On-demand session released) Fostering Innovation & Agility in Uncertain Times – 45 minutesJulia Blackburn • Andrew Reddin (On-demand session released) Inside Career Development: Stress, Coping and Mental Health – 45 minutesMichael Huston • Dave Redekopp (On-demand session released) Language Is Powerful: Are We Choosing Ours Wisely? – 45 minutesCatherine Hajnal (On-demand session released) LinkedIn: Economic Modelling and Opportunities for All – 45 minutesJake Hirsch-Allen • Kate Ovington (Moderator) • Michael Page (On-demand session released) Low-wage Workers: Learnings in a Time of Pandemic – 45 minutesMandie Abrams • Ghazal Niknazar (On-demand session released) MentorAbility Canada: A National Community of Practice – 45 minutesMarussia Paradis • Joanna Goode • Belinda Deenik (Moderator) • Marcus Jamieson • Renate Burwash (On-demand session released) Older Men and the Transition to Retirement – 45 minutesWilliam Borgen • Deepak Mathew (On-demand session released) Online Workshops Helping Post-Secondary Students with Isolation and Uncertainty – 45 minutesAnna-Lisa Ciccocioppo (On-demand session released) Scaling Virtual Career Development on Three Campuses: Courses, Programming, Co-op – 45 minutesRich Feller • Mark Franklin • Jayne Greene-Black (On-demand session released) Using an Holistic Approach to Support Immigrants in Mentorship – 45 minutesJasmine Qi (On-demand session released) Weaving Reflection into Transition & Pathway Planning (Grades 7-12) – 45 minutesNicole Dolabaille • Jennette Walton (On-demand session released) Work-life Wellness for Remote Entrepreneurs – 45 minutesRebecca Como (Séance sur demande diffusées) Guider les intervenants-es en développement de carrière sur la pratique de l'accompagnement en ligne – 45 minutesMichel Turcotte (On-demand session released) Online Career Services: How-to and Why-to – 45 minutesJennifer Davies • Adrian Berg
Wednesday, February 3

13:45 EST

(On-demand session released) 5 Ways to Boost Workplace Retention – 45 minutesKim Davies • Crystal Dolliver (On-demand session released) A Catalyst for Virtual Employment Training and Services – 45 minutesSusanna Gurr • Magdalene Coomen-Maxwell • Sue Sadler • Mohja Alia (On-demand session released) Developing Career Development Curriculum at the College Level – 45 minutesSarah Ruttan (On-demand session released) Engaging Our Teams Through Change, Transition and Upheaval – 45 minutesCathy Ginsberg (On-demand session released) Exploring Career Competencies in the Classroom – 45 minutesLydia Awuah-Mensah (On-demand session released) Innovations in Newcomer Employment Through Workplace Intercultural Intelligence – 45 minutesAmanda Dorter (On-demand session released) Meditation and Journalling for Career Exploration – 45 minutesMichelle Precourt • Wayne Pagani • Carol Brochu (On-demand session released) Merging Self-employment and Employment Services for Client Success – 45 minutesAnne-Marie Edgar • Louise Doyle • Tara Thom Burnett (On-demand session released) RPL: A Model for Certification, Catalyst for Change – 45 minutesTeresa Francis • Phil Ward • Victoria Colley (On-demand session released) Stigma and Essential Skills Training: The Essentials - 45 minutesErica Ruth Kelly (On-demand session released) The Benefits of Mentoring for Career Development – 45 minutesChristy Pettit (On-demand session released) The Intersection of Post-Secondary Credits, Career Development and Prior-Learning – 45 minutesSusan Forseille (On-demand session released) Theory to Practice: Creative Tools for Coaching Clients – 45 minutesKaren Begemann
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